Who we are

We are a specialized, independent advisory firm with a robust focus on international corporate diplomacy.

Our expertise lies in premium corporate diplomacy services, encompassing government relations and policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement and management, and crisis management and communication. We navigate the intricacies of global policy, build robust relationships with key stakeholders, and ensure resilience in crisis situations. Our commitment to these areas empowers our clients to successfully navigate the public affairs landscape and strengthens their international business endeavors.

What we do

We empower our clients to master the intricacies of corporate diplomacy and public affairs services in foreign markets. Through our specialized offerings, we provide strategic government relations, stakeholder engagement, and crisis communication. Our local expertise equips clients with a deep understanding of the political, regulatory, and social dynamics, ensuring they are well-integrated within the ecosystem. We are dedicated to transforming challenges into opportunities and propelling success for businesses embarking on their international journey.

We provide our clients with expert, unbiased guidance on all aspects of their global corporate diplomacy and public affairs. This includes premium services such as strategic consulting for government relations and policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement and management to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships, and crisis management and communication to ensure resilience during challenging times. Our services are tailored to empower businesses to effectively navigate their public affairs, protect their reputations, and shape the future of their industries.


We take a proactive, hands-on approach to every engagement in our premium corporate diplomacy services. Our goal is to help our clients navigate government relations, engage stakeholders, manage crises, and influence key decisions in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We are committed to achieving our clients’ objectives while ensuring their resilience and success in the complex landscape of international corporate diplomacy and public affairs.

Our experience

We are a team of C-level executives with a proven track record in delivering results and driving growth during 20 years of success in the consulting industry. We specialize in premium corporate diplomacy services, including government relations, stakeholder management, and crisis communication. Our expertise spans a wide range of clients, from small businesses to startups, scaleups, and listed companies, helping them navigate complex external environments and achieve their business objectives.

We are proud to have delivered lasting business results and helped them overcome some of their toughest challenges.

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Paseo de la Castellana, 194 – 28046 Madrid (Spain)


World Trade Centre – 08029 Barcelona (Spain)


Descalzos, 2 – 11405 Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)


One Alhambra Plaza – 33134 Coral Gables, Florida (USA)

Our team

Setting the vision and the direction


With our team, you will successfully navigate the complex landscape of corporate diplomacy and public affairs. Gain a better understanding of the political and regulatory environment, and seize opportunities therein. Learn the strategies to influence policy, access potential allies and decision-makers, and advocate effectively for your interests. Test your crisis management strategies in a controlled environment, and break knowledge barriers about crisis communication and reputation management. With our premium services, you will not only connect with key players but also shape the narrative and drive your business forward in the new market.

Xavier Cima

Founder & CEO 


20+ Years of Influential Leadership Within High-Visibility C-level Roles In Politics, Public Affairs, Corporate and Financial Communication, And Stakeholders And Reputation Management.



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